Thermopro TP07 vs TP20

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Thermopro TP07 vs TP20
Thermopro TP07

If you do a lot of grilling outside and have been looking for a leave in thermometer that you don’t have to sit over and don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for then you might be interested in finding out a bit more about the Thermopro wireless thermometers. These thermometers don’t require you to have a smartphone to use them but you can carry around a receiver to keep track of your cooking. We’ll be comparing the Thermopro TP07 vs TP20 which can give you an idea whether these thermometers will work for you in your situation.

Thermopro TP07 Overview

The Thermopro TP07 is a wireless thermometer with a range of 300 feet that allows you to monitor your meat grilling from a distance. It’s very simple to set up as the transmitter and receiver are already in sync so are ready to use as soon as the batteries are inserted.

This thermometer has a leave in probe so you can set it up and close your grill and it will keep track of the temperature in the meat you are cooking and send an alert when it reaches your set temperature. The probe which is 6.5 inches long is attached to a stainless steel mesh cable which is 40 inches long so you can set the transmitter up on a table nearby with the wire stand on the back or hook it over a handle close by.

The probes have an accuracy of +/- 1.5F and 0.8C and a range of temperature from 32F/0C up to 572F/300C and the thermometer is pre-programmed with preset temperatures that have been recommended by the USDA for different meats with the choices of rare, medium rare, medium, medium well and well done so if you have never used a thermometer for cooking before you can find the information that you will need to get started straight away. If you’re more experienced and know what temperature you like to cook your meat at then there is a manual function so you can set your own numbers into the thermometer.

The receiver of the Thermopro TP07 has a Smart LCD Backlit Screen and when you set your temperatures it shows 3 different colors in reaction to different temperature it receives, so when the temperature is just rising it has a blue background, when it gets within 15 degrees it starts to flash a green screen, which gives you time to go and see to it before it reaches the required heat, if it goes over it flashes a red screen. There is also an alarm function so you can hear it if you can’t see the screen. The receiver has a stand so you can set it on a surface near you and it also has a belt clip so you can attach it to yourself if you’re going to be busy doing other things.

You can set the temperature reading at Celsius or Fahrenheit to suit yourself and the unit also includes a count up and count down timer so you can use it for other things in your kitchen.

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Thermopro TP20 Overview

Thermopro TP07 vs TP20
Thermopro TP20

The Thermopro TP20 is a wireless digital thermometer with a dual probe. This thermometer has the same range of 300 feet as the TP07 so you can keep track of your meat’s progress from a distance while you do other things. Once you have added the batteries to the transmitter and the receiver it is automatically synced, so no difficult pairing required.

This thermometer has the capability of using 2 probes to measure temperature, this can be setup to measure the internal temperature of 2 different types of meat at the same time, 2 different pieces of the same meat but cooked at different levels of doneness or you can set it up and measure the internal temperature of your meat cooking and the ambient temperature of the grill itself.

There are 2 probes included with this Thermopro TP20  thermometer both 6.5 inches in length with 40 inch stainless steel mesh cable although if you want to use one of the probes for ambient temperature then you will need to purchase a probe clip so that the probe can be held in position for measuring the ambient temperature without touching anything.

The receiver is easy to set up for both probes with a mode button to switch between the two and the timer. To choose the meat you want to measure you can press the meat button for it to scroll through the options that are pre-set in the thermometer, it also gives you the option to choose OVEN for ambient temperature and PROG to set your own. There is a button on the front for taste so where applicable you can choose how cooked you want your meat.

The thermometer has an alarm function so that whenever one of the probes reaches it’s target temperature it will let you know and you can clip the receiver to your belt or stand it near where you are so you work indoors while cooking. There is a large LCD display which shows both food and oven temps and timer for everything you want to see on the screen at one time. There is also a back-lit light button for use in low light conditions.

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Thermopro TP07 vs TP20

Both of these thermometers offer the same in as much as they have a wireless transmitter and receiver and that they are leave in types. The main difference between them is the fact that the TP20 is a dual probe and offers twice the measurement. Being able to use the probes as ambient or meat probes make it very flexible. The same probes are used on both but if you don’t need the facility for measuring 2 things at the same time then the TP07 is a cheaper alternative. Both offer the same working distance so there is no benefit in that direction for the newer model. The single probe receiver does have the 3 colored back light system which changes the color when the temperature is near it’s target as well as an alarm which isn’t offered on the dual probe model.


The Thermopro TP07 thermometer is a great option to buy if you have trouble with bluetooth signals and want to be able to monitor your cooking from another room, it’s reasonably priced if you don’t want to make a big investment and if a single probe is enough for your needs. For a little bit more money you can have the Thermopro TP20 and twice the capability if you have more than one grill or like to cook more than one type of meat.