Thermopro TP07 – Pros and Cons

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Thermopro TP07
Thermopro TP07

As soon as the good weather arrives and you are ready for an outdoor bbq you might be looking for a thermometer that will make things a little bit easier for you by not requiring you to sit over the oven. The Thermopro TP07 is a wireless thermometer and it does just that. You’re not just limited to using on the bbq you can use it when cooking a joint in the oven in the kitchen.

We’ll be looking at the pros and cons to give you a bit more specific information before you buy.

You can check out the Thermopro TP07 if you want a thermometer that can give you some freedom while cooking.

Thermopro TP07 Overview

The Thermopro TP07 has a 6.5 inch probe with a 40 inch stainless steel mesh cable attached. The probe is plugged into the transmitter and then just needs to be inserted into the meat and it will start to transmit the temperature. The probe has an accuracy of +/- 1.5F or 0.8C and has a temperature range of 32°F to 572°F which is 0°C to 300°C. The transmitter has a clip on the back so you can stand it near to the grill or hook it onto the handle of the oven. Both the transmitter and the receiver are encased in rubber for protection, just in case they are dropped.

The receiver unit has a stand so you can stand it near where you are or if you are moving about you can clip it to your belt so that it is always with you. The led display has large numbers and letters and is easy to read.

There is a secondary light display so you don’t need to read the actual numbers on the screen. When the temperature goes up 10 degrees Fahrenheit it will backlight the screen in blue and it will stay that colour until it gets within 15 degrees of the final temperature chosen when it will change to green. It turns green to alert you because it doesn’t take long to move up to the required temperature so it gives you time to get to your cooking and then when it reaches the final temperature it turns red and gives an alarm too


Doesn’t need wifi

The Thermopro TP07 is a wireless thermometer but you don’t need bluetooth or a wi-fi connection to use it. The receiver is similar to a walkie talkie unit and you have up to a 300 foot range. As soon as you add the batteries the transmitter and receiver are linked and the thermometer is ready to use. There is also a timer included in the receiver unit which you can set to count up or down and it will sound an alarm when it ends. When you have the temperature set and the probe in the meat you can take the receiver with you while you do other things.

Simple to use

Once you are ready to cook some meat you can find the temperature that you need by accessing the pre-set temperatures that are loaded onto the receiver. You just choose the meat you want and then depending on what meat you are cooking you can also choose the taste you want. You have a choice of rare, med rare, medium, med well and well done. If you already know the temperature that you want for your own personal preference you can adjust the temperature given up or down. The buttons on the front of the receiver handset are well marked and there is also an option to choose whether you want to see your temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.


The TP07 thermometer comes with a 3 year extended warranty if you register your thermometer. This is a great protection if anything goes wrong with it. The probes have their own warranty which is a lifetime warranty if it stops working. All you have to do is contact the Thermopro Company and they will send you a replacement probe. The telephone number required should be included in the Thermopro tp-07 manual.


Not multi-probe

When using a grill you may be cooking different types of meat or you may be requiring meat to be made to different tastes and a multi-probe thermometer can be pretty useful for that. The Thermopro TP07 has only got the capability to use 1 probe. This doesn’t detract from how well it works it just makes it a bit more limited when cooking multiple meats or if you want to measure ambient temperatures. The Thermopro TP20 offers this capability if that is a deciding factor for you.

Probe accuracy

Some people have complained about the accuracy of the probe. The probe is a step down type with a tip which is usually very sensitive to temperature change. There can be problems in the temperature measurement if the mesh cable attached has any kinks in it, so that needs to be checked. You can verify the accuracy by using a glass of ice water and a cup of boiling water the temperature should be 0C and 100C. If you have any problems with the probe accuracy you can get a Thermopro TP07 replacement probe free of charge.

Product Quality

Some people have commented on the quality of the Thermopro TP07 thermometer, from the probe to the units themselves. They may have had no problems to begin with but have found problems occurring over time. If you register your purchase you have a 3 year warranty, it’s worth getting in touch with Thermopro to see if a replacement is necessary.


The Thermopro TP07 is the kind of thermometer that can give you flexibility of movement without you having to have a wi-fi connection or use your own phone. It isn’t too expensive and it’s very easy to use. This is a popular choice and an bestseller and with many customers giving it a 5 star rating we know that the cons are far outweighed by the pros on this thermometer. If you’re looking for a good wireless meat thermometer for this summer why not check this Thermopro TP07 out.

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