Thermopro TP03a Instant Read Thermometer Usage Reviews

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Thermopro TP03a Instant Read Thermometer ReviewsAlthough the price of instant read thermometers isn’t extortionate, you may wonder if it is worth paying for a thermometer to use in the kitchen.Reading the Thermopro TP03a Instant Read Thermometer Usage Reviews will give you some reasons why it is a useful kitchen tool.

Giving you some examples of where you can use the Thermopro TP03a in your home we hope you might find that for a small investment this thermometer can pay for itself.

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How to use the Thermopro TP03a when grilling meat.

When looking for a digital meat thermometer for when you cook meat the Thermopro TP03a Instant Read Thermometer is a good choice, it has a step down probe which means it has a narrower tip at the end which makes it easier to insert into your food so you can get a quick reading from the LCD display. When using a probe thermometer to read the temperature of your meat you want to choose the thickest part of the meat to insert the probe and aim to get it in towards the centre of the cut. Make sure that the probe doesn’t touch on any bone as that can give a false reading.

The temperature takes approximately 4-7 seconds to settle on a reading and then you can check it against a meat temperature guide so that you cook your meat to your requirements. This is obviously easier to do if you have a larger piece of meat but how do you deal with thinner steaks or burgers. The best way to measure the temperature of thinner cuts when grilling is to hold the meat in a pair of tongs so that you can slide the probe in through the side of the steak or burger and measure you temperature from there. You can take a reading from 2 or 3 points so you can make sure it is not getting more cooked on one side. Because it is quick and easy to do it shouldn’t interrupt your cooking too much.

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How to use the Thermopro TP03a when brewing beer

The Thermopro TP03a Digital Food Cooking Thermometer is a best seller in brewing heat temperature controls. So how do you use an instant read probe thermometer when brewing beer? When brewing beer you need to keep the temperature stable as it can affect the flavours so many people use a temperature controlled freezer or fridge specifically for brewing their beers. It’s difficult to take a temperature of the wort inside without it being affected by the surrounding ambient temperature.

To get past that people install in their fermenters a Thermowell. This is basically a long thin stainless steel test tube which is attached to the fermenter lid with a bung and sits inside the brew. The heat inside the fermenter is absorbed by the tube and if you measure the temperature of the air within the tube you can get a pretty accurate temperature reading without letting your brew becoming exposed to the air and without getting a false reading affected by outside readings. This makes a probe thermometer especially the Thermopro TP03a is a great tool to use as it can give a quick and accurate reading with little disturbance.

How to use the Thermopro TP03a when baking bread

The Thermopro TP03a Instant Read Thermometer is a great tool to use if you like to bake your own bread but have had problems with a soggy middle. If you are baking an enriched bread which usually has egg, milk and sugar in it and is soft to eat, like the type we use for sandwiches this can be a problem. You can even have a similar problem if you are baking bread rolls so taking the temperature when baking can give you a much better result. I will list below the suggested temperatures to follow and you need to insert your probe so you can get as near to the centre of the loaf as possible. If you don’t want holes dotted around the crust of your bread you can insert it from the edge or corner into the centre. You may need to check more often closer towards the end of the cooking time as it changes quickly then.

  • Enriched rolls – 185°F to 190°F
  • Enriched sandwich bread – 205°F
  • No-knead bread – 205°F to 210°F

How to use the Thermopro TP03a when brewing specialty teas

The Thermopro TP03a Instant Read Thermometer can be a handy tool to have to hand when brewing specialty teas. The recommended temperature for consuming hot drinks is below 150°F. This is because that is a safer temperature so that you won’t burn your mouth or throat, if you let it get a bit lower to around 122 – 131°F it can make for a more pleasant drink.

When brewing green teas it can be less bitter or earthy if you make it with water that isn’t at boiling point but somewhere below at around 150 – 180°F. You can do this by boiling your water on the stove rather than the kettle and you can measure the temperature with your Thermopro TP03a to get a better result. You can find more information about the temperature to heat the water to for your specialty tea on the pack.


You will find that once you have a meat thermometer in your home you will start to use it much more often that you will think. If you don’t use it for anything other than your meat, that is still worth it as the cost of meat and the amount of times we cook it justifies a tool that can give consistently good results. If you are having family around for your Thanksgiving or Christmas lunches and you have the job of cooking the turkey, take some of the worry out of the occasion with the Thermopro TP03a Instant Read Thermometer.

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