Thermopro TP-16 Review – 3 Reasons to Buy

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Thermopro TP-16 ReviewToday we’ll be doing another Thermopro TP-16 Review to look again at some of the main features of this leave in thermometer, where it would be useful and how well it works so that you can decide if this is what you are looking for.

Whether you’re looking for a thermometer for grilling or just to use in your kitchen for when you are cooking a joint of meat or a chicken this Thermopro TP-16 is worth checking out.

Check out the ThermoPro TP16 Large LCD Digital Thermometer and cook your meat the way you like it in the oven or on the grill

When you’re in the market for a digital thermometer, there are many different digital meat thermometers to choose from depending on what you want to use it for and how much you want to pay.

3 Reasons to Buy

#1 The Probe

One of the main parts of a digital meat thermometer is the probe. You want this probe to be accurate, long enough to go far enough into your meat to get a good reading and it also needs to have a cable long enough that you can stand your thermometer near your oven and be able to close the oven door without having to stretch it.

First of all this probe offers a lifetime warranty, so if you start getting readings that don’t make sense you can get in touch with customer service and they will send you a new one. The probe length is 6.5 inches and has a step down tip which you can insert easily and get an accurate temperature reading.

The accuracy is within 1.8 degrees F or 1 degree C. The temperature will start displaying as soon as the base unit is switched on. Many people like to test the accuracy of the thermometer by using a glass of boiling water and a glass of iced water before they use it to cook with.

Although this is Thermopro is usually used with meat you can also use it for baking or candy or reading temperature in liquids as long as the probe doesn’t touch the base of the container, as it will give a false reading. You also need to be careful when touching the probe as you can easily get burned, using heat proof gloves is a safe option.

#2 It’s a Leave in type

This Thermopro TP 16 thermometer is specifically designed to be left in your meat or baking while it is in the oven and to give you a continuous reading that will inform you when the internal temperature of the meat is right to have your meat cooked to the firmness that you prefer. The probe is attached to a cable which is made of stainless steel mesh, this can easily stay flat while the oven or grill door is shut. The cable length is 40 inches which is long enough to reach from the oven to the base unit while it is standing on the worktop next to the oven. The probe and wire can withstand up to 716°F (380°C) so is good for most things that you might want to roast or grill.

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#3 Thermometer with large display

Is it easy to use? Once you have inserted the AAA battery which is included into the thermometer and plugged the probe into it’s port you are ready to go. If you are a pro at cooking meat and know what temperature you want to cook your meat at you can set it in the thermometer and it will give you an alarm when it reaches that temperature. If cooking meat using temperature as a guide is new to you then you will find installed in this Thermopro TP 16 thermometer pre-set meat temperature guides based on the way you would like your meat to be cooked, rare, medium or well done.

You can find the correct temperature by making sure that the switch on the back is set for temperature and it should show you pictures on the bottom of the screen of different animals. If its on the animal that you want to cook you can set it by pressing the mem/s/s button on the left. If you need to choose another option press the mem/s/s button again to release and press the up/hour button to work through the different animals until you find which one you want.

This should show you the temperature it will be cooking to, if you aren’t happy with the temperature which has been preset, and you already know the temperature you like, then lock the meat in with the mem/s/s button then use the up/hour button to change the temperature up or the down/min button to change it down. Insert your probe into the meat, making sure that you put it into the thickest part and that it isn’t touching a bone and close the door. The alarm will sound when the correct temperature is reached.

There is also an option for a timer, just slide the switch on the back to the timer. To set the time required you press the up/hour button for hours and the down/min button for the minutes then press the left mem/s/s button to set it off. The alarm will sound when the timer finishes.

There is a button on the back which you can switch from Centigrade to Fahrenheit, a magnet so you can attach it to the side of the oven or a stand so you can stand it upright on the countertop.


If like me you have grown up with checking your meat with a sharp knife and the colour of the juices that comes out of it, then using a thermometer can seem a bit of a faff, but when you cook your meat using a thermometer like the Thermopro tp-16 you will find that you start getting consistency with your cooking and the meat you serve up this week will be cooked in the same way as you served it up last week, it should be the end of making chewy meat that is overcooked. With the price of food these days you want to make the most of what you do buy so that everyone will enjoy it and the price of this ThermoPro TP16 is low enough to pay for itself over time.

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