Mister Chefer Thermometer – Best Choice Under $20

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Best Choice Under $20
Mister Chefer Thermometer

A lot of people don’t use a meat thermometer when cooking meat for their families, not because they don’t think it’s a great idea but because they’ve never been shown that there are thermometers out there for checking when cooking meat or anything else. To get a good piece of meat whether it’s for a weekly meal or for a special occasion is expensive, so using an instant-read thermometer like the Mister Chefer Thermometer to have the best chance of cooking it perfectly is a must. Once you start looking for a thermometer the difficulty starts because there are so many different options. We’d like to share with you a thermometer which we believe is the Best Choice under $20 the Mister Chefer Thermometer.

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Why is it the Best Choice Under $20?

It’s the perfect choice for a gift for anyone you know who has never used a thermometer for cooking, it’s not too expensive and it’s very easy to use especially for a beginner. It also comes in a box so could be easily gift wrapped.

The features of this thermometer give you everything you need even in a lower cost item. This thermometer can give you an instant read result in around 4 seconds. The sensor in the probe is accurate to 1 degree and it can measure temperature ranges of -58F up to 572F.

This Mister Chefer thermometer is a folding probe type, and what that means is it works a bit like a pocket knife in being able to fold the probe and clip it into the side of the handle which keeps it safe when you’re storing it and carrying it around.

Easy to use

The control buttons are on the handle which include an on/off button and a button to change the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit which means if you’re cooking something to a recipe and it only gives one temperature measure you can follow suit. There is also a light button on the front which allows you to backlight the led display, which already shows large easy to read numbers but if you’re cooking in the evening and the light isn’t too good or you’re trying to take a reading in an oven and you want to see it quickly the light is very helpful. Last of the buttons is a voice button, so again whether you are in conditions where reading the display is difficult the voice option gives another alternative to be able to get the readout easily.

The temperature won’t start reading until you turn on the thermometer and open the probe when it will automatically start to read the room temperature until you place it into the meat or whatever food you are wanting to measure. You can stop the readout by pressing the off button or just closing the probe but if you’re the forgetful type and leave it out on the worktop it will automatically turn itself off after 10 minutes to conserve the batteries.

Use in many ways

This Mister Chefer can be used in lots of ways to measure temperature, it’s ideal for any meat, bbq grilled meats, you can use this to check smoked meat, fish and poultry. If you like to make candy and sweets it’s perfect for that and whether you make beer, wine or like to check the temperature for making herbal teas or milk temperatures for your baby’s bottle it works just as well. You can see that this thermometer can be used with multiple foods and liquids and you can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit if it makes it easier for you.


How many cheaper products offer a great warranty? This thermometer gives you a lifetime warranty if you’re not satisfied, you can’t say fairer than that.

You get the batteries for the thermometer included in the pack with a strap that you can attach if you find it useful for looping over your wrist while working in the kitchen and hanging up when you aren’t using it. There is an ebook included that gives you recipes to try so you’re ready to go as soon as you need to be.


The Mister Chefer thermometer comes ready calibrated from the supplier and can’t be recalibrated. You can check if it reads true by using some ice water and boiling water, it should read 0C and 100C. There are instant read thermometers that can be recalibrated but this does offer pretty good features for the price charged.

Customer Thoughts

Customers have been giving this thermometer some good 5 star reviews on Amazon.com, what they have found is that although it looks a bit cheap with the plastic casing they have found it very accurate when measuring meat and other foods. They like the fact it is powered by easy to buy AAA batteries and they find the back lighting function and the talking function helpful options. All in all many people find that they are happy with this thermometer especially at the price of it. Some people who have had issues with their thermometer have found the customer service very helpful.

Where to buy

Although there are many places you can pick up a digital thermometer online and in shops we have found that one of the best places to purchase is Amazon.com, apart from the extensive choice of thermometers available to buy you can get special offers, bundles and Amazon Prime for next day delivery. On top of all of this if you have any issues with products they can be returned within 30 days.

If you agree with us that the Mister Chefer Thermometer is the Best Choice Under $20 then why not go to Amazon.com and

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