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Mister Chefer Best Waterproof Digital Meat ThermometerToday we’re going to be checking out the Mister Chefer Best Waterproof Digital Meat Thermometer. If you haven’t tried cooking your meat with the use of a thermometer you will find it makes it so much easier to get a consistent result every time without having to constantly stick a knife in to check for the juices and hope you’ve managed it right.

You’re looking for something that’s easy to use, easy to read and accurate. We believe this Mister Chefer thermometer offers you that and more. Why not stick around and find out about all the features offered in this digital thermometer.

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Check out the Mister Chefer Best Waterproof Digital Meat Thermometer if you don’t want to pay too much but still be able to re-calibrate when required.

Mister Chefer Best Waterproof Digital Meat Thermometer Review







The body of this Mister Chefer thermometer is made of strong ABS plastic so if you drop it will not cause damage. It has a long collapsible probe made of stainless steel which easily folds into the case when not in use. Also the tip of the probe has an antibacterial coating to prevent contamination. All the materials of the grill thermometer are completely safe.

This digital meat thermometer comes with 1 CR2 installed so that you are ready to use at the start. You have the capability of setting whether you see the display in Fahrenheit or Celsius and the button to change it over is on the front of the thermometer. It also has a basic temperature chart on the back so if you aren’t sure of the internal temperature that you are aiming for this will help.

The probe opens out to a straight 180 degrees but can be used in an angular way if that is easier to insert into your food. The thermometer is 10.6 inches long fully extended and the probe length is 4.5 inches. The probe has a thinner tip to make it easier to insert into the meat without leaving big holes. The thermometer automatically switches on when the probe is opened and shuts off when it is closed up again, but if you forget and leave it lying it has an auto- shut off feature after 10 minutes.

This Mister Chefer instant read thermometer can measure the temperature of any food or liquid within 3 seconds and with an accuracy of +/-1 degrees with a wide range of -58°F -572°F. You also have the ability to calibrate it by following the instructions included. The quick version is you will need a glass of iced water, insert the probe and hold down the “CAL” key for 5 seconds. You want the reading to be 32F or 0C and you can adjust the temperature with the min max button. If you get an ERR or EFF reading on the screen it means the water isn’t cold enough and you need to add more ice. It’s worth checking the accuracy of your thermometer before you start using it the first time.

If you have problems reading the displays you have the option on this Mister Chefer instant read thermometer to use the backlight button to brighten it up making it useful in low light conditions.

Some thermometers can’t handle the tiniest bit of water before it shorts out and becomes unusable but this one is waterproof so that shouldn’t be an issue whether you’re wiping it clean or it gets splashed in the kitchen.

You can insert the probe into any meat either on a BBQ or in the normal kitchen oven and it will help get the internal temperature quickly and safely. You can use the numbers on the back of the thermometer or follow a meat temperature guide online unless you know what you’re aiming for. You’re not limited to meat and can use it for any liquids you are checking or if you need to check the temperature of baking bread or cakes.

If you’re in the habit of laying something down then not being able to find it again then yo will love the fact that this instant read thermometer has a magnet inside so it can easily be attached to the refrigerator or any metal surface and it can also it can be hung on the hook as it has a hole in the end just for that.

Buy this Mister Chefer kitchen thermometer now and get a lifetime warranty and a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. You can’t say fairer than that!

Customer Opinion

There are a lot of users who have found that this thermometer is working accurately and doing just what they want from a foldable thermometer. They have found customer service very helpful if they have had any issues and they have found it reads the temperature quickly. It’s well packaged and would make a good gift.

The biggest issues that people have had with this thermometer is it not reading the iced water correctly and not letting them calibrate it. The other problems people have had is that it worked the first time but not afterwards. If you buy this from Amazon.com you have a 30 day return window and you also have a warranty from the supplier so worth using it if you have any problems.


If you’re looking for an instant-read foldable probe type thermometer that you can always have available in the cutlery drawer or hanging on a hook in the kitchen then consider the Mister Chefer Best Waterproof Digital Meat Thermometer. It gives you all the basic needs that you require from a probe thermometer and will also let you check and calibrate the temperature for accuracy.

Find out more about the Mister Chefer Best Waterproof Digital Meat Thermometer at Amazon.com

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