Maverick PT-100 Review – Pros and Cons

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Maverick PT-100 Review
Maverick PT-100

If you’re looking for a probe meat thermometer whether you are a professional chef or just the main cook in your home you may have looked at a Maverick PT-100 Review and wondered whether you should invest a little bit more for a commercial digital thermometer or just buy something cheap and cheerful.

Today we’ll be giving you our list of pros and cons of the Maverick PT-100 so that you can decide if it is the right thermometer for your situation and whether you feel it is worth paying more money for.

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The Maverick thermometer is a folding probe type of thermometer manufactured to standards suitable for use in a professional kitchen. The thermometer has been made simple to use, it turns on as soon as the probe has been opened and gives readings quickly and accurately no matter how you want to use it. It has a backlit display to make it easy to read with large numbers and has guidelines on the casing for meat temperatures if you aren’t sure what temperatures to use. Although it has a plastic casing it has the edges covered in rubber to protect from breakage if it is dropped, you can hook your thermometer on a kitchen hook or use the carabiner clip included to clip it to yourself so you always have it to hand. Check below to see our list of the main pros and cons in our opinion of the Maverick PT-100


Commercial Grade

If you work in a professional kitchen and you’re looking for a thermometer to use on a daily basis in your place of work then the Maverick PT-100 might be the right tool for you. Every thermometer comes with factory certification to guarantee it’s level of performance and it’s accuracy which is +/-2F and it is NSF approved, suitable for professional use. This is a folding probe type of thermometer with a 5 inch stainless steel thermocouple probe which can measure a temperature range of -40F (-40C) – 450F (230C) and is long enough to use in most situations where you might want to check the temperature, either in liquid or in meat. With this thermometer you can make sure that any food prepared for customers is at a consistently good standard every time.

Easy to use

This thermometer is very simple to use, it’s powered by 3AAA batteries which are included in the pack and should give up to 10 hours continuous use. The unit is 7.4 inches long and 2.2 inches wide and on the face of the thermometer there is an led display which is easy to read and a meat temperature guide in case you don’t know what the internal temperature of your meat should read and you also have a choice between rare, medium and well done. The temperature will display as soon as you open up the probe as the point can accurately read changing temperatures and will show the ambient reading of the room, it turns off when you close the probe and if you forget will auto shut off after 3 minutes. Most people like to check the accuracy by placing in a glass of iced water and a cup of boiling water for the high and low, just make sure the probe doesn’t touch the edges. The same rule applies to meat, insert the probe in the thick of the meat and don’t touch bones as it give the wrong temperature.


The handle of the Maverick PT-100 has rubber edges which makes it very hardwearing as it can withstand falls onto hard floors which is easy to do in a busy kitchen. The unit is dust proof and damp proof and it’s easily cleaned with a damp cloth around the handle and the probe, if it’s has dried on food you can dip the probe into warm soapy water but not the whole unit. Cleaning the probe between uses can prevent cross contamination, anti bacterial wipes can be used. The thermometer can be set up to read Celsius or Fahrenheit whichever you’re used to. You can use this for any food, meat, bread cakes or any type of liquid, water, baby formula, yogurt, protect your hands with heat-resistant gloves and protect the plastic casing of the thermometer by not touching it onto grills or pans. Hang it on a hook in your kitchen or store in the utensil drawer ready for next time



To pay more than $50 for a thermometer is a big investment if you’re just using it at home especially when you can get cheaper versions like the Lavatools PT12 Javelin which can offer similar features for less money. If you want the guarantee of all of the certifications offered if you’re working in a professional kitchen and a thermometer that can handle being dropped without breaking then it might be an investment worth making.

Speed of reading

The Maverick PT-100 is advertised as showing an accurate reading in 2 seconds but some people have found that it takes longer than that, up to 20 seconds to stabilize which is not quick enough for a professional piece of equipment, on the upside that is a small percentage of customers and the suppliers have offered replacements to those that have reached out to them.


Some customers feel that it doesn’t last long enough for the money paid, people are finding that the thermometer stops working within a couple of years, if it lasts that long.


This is a great thermometer with 70% 5 star reviews and the majority of customers have found it works the way is says it should, it’s sturdy enough for any kitchen, easy to use and accurate enough to do the job consistently. You don’t have to be a professional to use it but you’ll still get professional results using the Maverick PT-100.

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