Maverick Pro-Temp Commercial Thermometer PT-100


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Maverick Pro-Temp Commercial Thermometer PT-100On this page we’ll be looking at the Maverick Pro-Temp Commercial Thermometer PT-100. We’ll be checking what this thermometer is all about, if it can do all it should and what buyers think about it, whether they like it or not. If cooking is your passion, whether it is grilling on the barbecue or roasting in the oven, an accurate thermometer is an important tool to help give you consistent results every time.

If cooking is your job then an accurate commercial digital thermometer is a must and we will tell you whether this instant read thermometer can do the job for you. With a lot of options out there it’s hard to know whether it’s worth paying more money, hopefully this Maverick PT-100 review will help you to decide if this thermometer is worth it for you.

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If you’re looking for something a little cheaper read our review on the Lavatools PT12 Javelin Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer or if you need to monitor more that one temperature try the Maverick ET-735.

Maverick PT-100 Review

You’re thermometer comes with the 3 aaa batteries and a belt clip.


  • Commercial Grade Thermometer with NSF approval; guaranteed performance and accuracy to NIST standards
  • Type K thermocouple with integral stainless precision micro tip probe; plastic housing
  • Water resistant to IP44; temperature range from -40F – 450F; shock proof; auto on/off, large LCD read-out
  • Hand wash; air dry
  • Probe: 5 inches; dimensions closed: 7-2/5-inch by 2-1/5-inch by 2/3-inch

If you work in a professional capacity and need a professional thermometer for your work you can be satisfied that it is guaranteed to health and safety standards. The thermometer has been constructed with a moulded plastic outer and rubber protected edges so the thermometer can handle being dropped without breaking.

This Maverick thermometer is a Type K thermocouple which means it is the most common type of probe, made of 2 metals joined together to measure temperature by creating a voltage when the temperature changes. It’s inexpensive, accurate, reliable, and has a wide temperature range.

This Maverick PT-100 bbq thermometer is water resistant but that doesn’t mean it can be washed up, it just means if it gets a bit wet or damp in the process of using it that won’t be an issue but it can’t be submerged. It’s made to be able to survive normal kitchen usage and with a water resistant level of IP44 that means that water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect.

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This PT-100 is a digital folding probe thermometer, it has an automatic on/off mode which is triggered when you open and close the probe itself. There is a power saver that switches off the unit if left open and the temperature doesn’t change for 3 minutes, the batteries have a l0 hour continuous usage lifetime. The probe is 5 inches long which is long enough for most meat types and sizes of joint. You still may need to be wearing protective gloves when using this unit.

There is a list of temperatures on the outside casing so that if you are new to cooking meat you have a guideline to what minimum temperature levels to work to for the kind of meat you are cooking and how well done you want it to be. This is a handy meat temperature guide to have in the kitchen.

This unit is used in meat which will be at different temperatures so safe cleaning is a must, you can wipe the probe clean with a damp cloth but for the most protection use anti-bacterial wipes.

One of the best features of this digital thermometer is the LED readout screen with back lighting. Sometimes in other types of LED displays it is a black on grey screen which works just fine until you get into a lower light environment like in the garden doing a barbecue in the evening, if the light isn’t too good it can be hard to read, so this well lit display is a welcome feature.

The temperature accuracy is assured to within +/- 2 degrees Fahrenheit when the temperature is between 0 – 212 degrees Fahrenheit, anything over or under that range the accuracy moves to +/- 4 degrees Fahrenheit. The time to temperature is approximately 3 seconds. The temperature can also be set to Celsius or Fahrenheit by pressing a small probe or tip into a small hole underneath the F/C mark on the back of the unit, it will then change the reading.

This thermometer can’t be calibrated, most people check it by placing in a cup of iced water and a cup of boiling water to check whether the calibration from the supplier is true.

Customer Opinion

Some customers are loving the backlit led display which makes reading the temperature easy regardless of the light levels outside.

Most people who have tested it have found the calibration within the guidelines stated and have found the thermometer easy to use and accurate.

It’s easy to use to get a consistent result every time you cook, it’s easier to use on thicker cuts of meat and not having to slice open the meat to check how well done it is keeps the juice in.

Some of the negatives are the time it takes to get a steady reading, some people feel it is too long and lets out too much heat on the grill. Some people found it stopped working after a few months and some don’t feel it is worth the money.


This is a very simple and easy to use thermometer of a professional quality that is suitable for a commercial kitchen or a back yard barbecue, you definitely don’t need a degree to use it and the charts on the handle can certainly be helpful for a beginner.

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