Maverick et-735 vs Igrill2

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Maverick ET-735 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Digital Cooking ThermometerToday we’ll be looking at a comparison between the Maverick et-735 vs Igrill2. We’ll be having a look at the features that each of these bluetooth multi probe thermometers have to offer and we’ll be checking out what the differences are in the price and capabilities.

If customers have had problems with either of these thermometers we’ll be letting you know so that you can get a rounded knowledge to help you make a choice. Both of these are top quality, higher end units and if you’d like to find out more from the product pages check them out below.

Check out the Maverick et-735 and the Igrill2 thermometers.

Maverick et-735 overview

For people who love to cook on the barbecue, whether you have one grill, 2 grills or a smoker you have multiple options with this Maverick et-735 thermometer as it can handle up to 4 probes which gives you flexibility in checking the temperature of your grill or smoker and the temperature of the meat that you are grilling. If isn’t limited to outdoor grills although that is where it comes into its own, but you can also use it if you are cooking in your oven in the kitchen.

This Maverick et-735 comes with 2 probes included in the pack but can be used with 4 probes in total, extra probes can be bought at These probes aren’t limited to 1 function, they can be used for measuring ambient temperature or internal meat temperatures and the temperature target can be set individually and all can be used at the same time in any combination.

This thermometer is controlled using bluetooth and an app for your smart phone. Using the app you can select a large range of meats which have preset temperature guidelines for rare, medium and well done. Using the app you can select which temperature you are aiming for and can do that for each probe you are using, this will manage it and send you an alarm when the temperature has been reached. If you are experienced and have your own temperatures that you prefer to use you also have the option of setting it manually and you can also decide whether to have the readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit. You can also set up count up or count down timers with alerts and it can work up to 160 feet away.

The transmitting unit features a backlit display which comes on when a button is pressed and it’s run with 2 AAA batteries (not included) which can last up to 6 months with average usage. It comes with a clip for the back to allow it to stand on a table or hang from a hook near the grill.

As with many bluetooth units the range you can get depends on your area and connectivity and some people have had issues with this where they live. Other than this you get a lot of flexibility with this thermometer. The temperature can be set for each probe individually

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Igrill2 overview

Maverick et-735 vs Igrill2The igrill2 is another bluetooth thermometer with multi probe capability. If you like to run your grill and keep control while you do other things then this is a good investment for you. If you want to keep track of the ambient temperature of your oven while keeping track of the temperature of your meats then you can do that with this thermometer kit. As above you can use this thermometer indoors and outdoors.

This igrill2 kit comes with 4 probes, they all come color coded and with a 48 inch cord handily wrapped around a holder. There are 2 different types of probe with this unit, an ambient probe which comes with a rounded end and it designed to be clipped to the grill to measure the air temperature and you have the standard meat probe with a thinner point at the end which can be inserted into the meat and left in till the meat is cooked. There are 3 meat probes and 1 ambient probe included.

There is an app that can be downloaded onto your smartphone to program and control the thermometer by bluetooth so that you don’t need to stand over your grill while it’s cooking to keep checking it. There is a bluetooth range of 150 feet but the connectivity depends on your location and signal. You also have preset meat temperatures installed if you don’t know what the safe temperatures are. The app gives you access to recipes and you can use it for social sharing to let your friends know what you’re up to.

The base unit comes with a magnetic mounting unit which shows the led display at an angle making it easy to read. There is a power saving mode which turns off the display as you move away from the base and comes back as you move close to it again and if by any chance you have forgotten your phone or ipad you can press the buttons on the base to get the readings on the display. The base requires 2 AA batteries and gives approximately 200 hours of normal use.

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Maverick et-735 vs Igrill2

Both of these thermometers have the capability to use 4 probes and both can be programmed and monitored individually, but there is a difference in price the Maverick et-735 is cheaper than the Igrill2. The Maverick only comes with 2 probes but it is still cheaper if you bought another 2 probes at the same time. There is also a difference in the probes as the Maverick can be used for ambient or meat yet the Igrill meat probes are for meat although they probably can be used to measure ambient but the ambient probes are for ambient and aren’t designed to put it meat.

The bluetooth range is similar in both thermometers and they both have good easy to use apps but there seem to be more customer complaints about loading the Maverick app compared to the Igrill.


Both of these bluetooth thermometers are made by well known companies and offer flexibility in the use of the probes, but I think I would choose the Maverick et-735, it offers a little more in probe capability and you don’t need to worry that you have the right probe for the ambient or the meat although you will need to buy an extra 2 probes to have a full set of 4 if you need that many. The Igrill2 can give you a full set of 4 probes but 1 is for ambient only and you will have to buy a grill clip for holding it, a shame it’s not included in the kit considering the price.

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