Maverick ET-735 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Digital Cooking Thermometer


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Maverick ET-735 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Digital Cooking Thermometer
Maverick ET-735 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Digital Cooking Thermometer

If you want the latest in BBQ thermometers and have heard of Maverick, then you will be interested in reading this review on the Maverick ET-735 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Digital Cooking Thermometer which is their newest version.

If you like to cook a lot on the BBQ, especially in the summer months but you want the flexibility of doing other jobs at the same time without being held at the grill then you will love this thermometer.

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Check our the Maverick ET-735 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Digital Cooking Thermometer if you want to manage your grill from a distance

If you’re not sure that you want a bluetooth thermometer and want to find out more about other types we have reviews on instant-read thermometers, leave-in thermometers and even wireless thermometers, so hopefully we will cover something that will fit your lifestyle.

Will the Maverick ET-735 work with an iphone?

The Maverick ET-735 app, Redi-Chek is available for IOS and suitable for iphone 4s and upwards and for ipads. But don’t despair if you are an android user because it is also available for you too. A full list of devices are on the ET-735 product page of

Maverick ET-735 Review

What’s in the box

1 weather resistant wireless transmitter
2 grill clips
2 water proof probes
1 wire stand

Features and Specifictions

  • NEW Bluetooth Model w/App Turns Your iOS or Android Device Into Receiver & Remote – Capable of Bluetooth LE 4.0 & Above
  • Offers Food Presets, Timers, Stopwatch & Alerts You When Temperature Hit Range
  • Features 4 Probe Inputs for Simultaneous Monitoring of Any Combination of 4 Meats / Grills / Smokers/ Ovens
  • Extended 160’ Wireless Range w/Loss-of-Signal Alert if Out of Range for >1 Minute
    Includes Two 36” Waterproof Probes w/Heat-Resistant Wires Rated up to 572°F

Whether you are a beginner in the bbq world or a seasoned pro, a thermometer can help give you consistent results every time whether you use a meat temperature guide from the internet or take advantage of a thermometer that has pre-set temperatures installed.

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Why is that so important?

The main reason for checking the temperature of your meat is so that you get the meat to the minimum temperature for safety against bugs like salmonella and secondly to get the meat to the right level of doneness to satisfy your requirements.

Why go for a bluetooth thermometer?

If you have the time to sit and check your grill all the time then that is wonderful, but most people are scurrying around doing lots of things and it is so easy to get involved in another task and forget to check. The benefit of bluetooth is that it is run on your phone or ipad which you can carry around with you and it can be set to give you notification when you’re meat or your grill is at the right temperature. This bluetooth outdoor thermometer has a maximum range of 160 feet away from the transmitter but you have to be aware that it won’t be that for everyone, it depends on how well bluetooth works in your home and garden.

How many probes can this handle?

The Maverick Bluetooth Thermometer comes supplied with 2 probes but has the capability of handling 4 probes. It’s easy to buy spare Maverick ET-735 probes so that you can use it to full capacity of just to have a spare to hand.

The probes can be used for different meats, so you can cook 4 different types of meat and have 4 different temperature requirements and this thermometer and it’s app can handle it and send you separate notifications for each. The probes can also be used the check the ambient temperature of your grill so if you have 2 grills you could set up 2 probes to check the temperatures, there are grill clips included in the box which will hold your probe in the correct position so it doesn’t touch anything, and then your could set up the other 2 probes for meats in each grill. The options are there for you to mix and match what you want.

The transmitter unit has a backlit display which lights up for 2-3 seconds when you come into range with your device that has the app control. You can use the buttons though to check out the temperatures without opening your grill if you have forgotten to bring your phone out with you.

You have the ability with the app to use food temperature pre-sets for beef, veal, lamb, pork, chicken and turkey, as well as rare, medium rare, medium and well done settings for the appropriate meats. If you like to cook game there are temperature settings for deer, elk, moose, buffalo, rabbit, boar, duck, bird and even for fish. So whatever your fancy, if you have never cooked any of these types of meat before you have a guideline.

If you like to use Fahrenheit or Celsius you can switch between them on this thermometer and if you have your own temperatures that you like to use, that you know work best for you, then you can set your own custom temperatures on this app too.

If you want a timer function you can set a count-up timer or a countdown timer and also set up alerts so you know when it finishes.

Who is this thermometer for?

If you are serious about getting one of the best digital thermometers for grilling and you want to be able to cook efficiently with accurate results then this will certainly help you do that. If you like to use more than 1 grill at a time you can have up to 4 ways to measure temperatures.

If you’re just learning about cooking meat this is a great tool, whether you use it to barbecue or to do a joint in the oven this is a helpful tool with the pre-set guide on the app.
If you feel you’re ready to invest in a better thermometer than a cheaper instant-read probe then this is a good investment piece.

Customer Opinion

Customers are finding the 4 probes very useful especially buyers who have a smoker and a grill as they can monitor the temperature for both as well as the meat inside. Many believe the Maverick is high quality, works great and is well worth the money. Most people love the app, it’s very easy to use and very easy to read the temperatures on the different probes.

The biggest negative on this item is the bluetooth connection, some people are finding that they can’t get the connection to last more than a few feet and some can’t get the connection at all. One of the customers that had a problem with connecting found that when he disconnected other items from bluetooth the thermometer then worked fine, so that may help some people who are having problems.


Sometimes an instant-read thermometer will do the job but when you want to monitor more than 1 temperature and don’t want to keep opening your grill then you can’t do better than a Maverick ET-735. Extra probes are readily available to buy so that you can make full use of this bluetooth thermometer and it’s 4 probe capability.

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