Igrill2 Pros and Cons

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Igrill2 Pros and Cons
iGrill2 Complete Master Kit with 3 Pro Meat Probes & 1 Ambient Pro Probe

If you’re reviewing different thermometers because you’re planning on buying and are trying to get as much information as possible to make sure that the one you choose is going to work the way you want for your home grilling or smoking setup then read on. We’d like to give you our list of the pros and cons of the iGrill2 Complete Master Kit with 3 Pro Meat Probes & 1 Ambient Pro Probe which we think is a very smart and easy to use thermometer that might suit your purpose.

The iGrill2 Complete Master Kit with 3 Pro Meat Probes & 1 Ambient Pro Probe is a great thermometer for anyone who uses more than one grill and would like to keep track of the temperatures that you need to without having to spend all of your time constantly sitting over the grills. When you fire up the grills for the afternoon you often like to cook a variety of meats to make the best use of it and all of these meats may need to be cooked at different temperatures so being able to monitor that without it driving you mad is something that the iGrill2 can help with. This Complete kit comes with enough equipment that you can monitor up to 4 temperatures at one time, it looks sleek and has easy to read screens, it’s meant to be used via an app on your smartphone so that you can easily view what you need to easily while you are doing other things away from the grill. This isn’t the cheapest thermometer on the market so when you’re investing money you need to know if it’s going to help you free up some time.


You can start cooking straight away

The iGrill2 comes with the base unit, a magnetic holder and 4 probes, 3 of the probes are for measuring the internal temperature of meat and 1 is specifically for measuring the ambient temperature of your grill or your oven. The probes have a 48 inch cord which is long enough to reach into your grill and still stand the base on a nearby table or using the magnetic holder display on a metal area. The base unit itself will display the temperature for each probe on it’s own led display but it can only show a number and you would have to know which probe relates to 1-4. This is still useful if you forget to bring your phone with you if you’re checking your food as you can press the arrow button and scroll through the temperatures but it will go off quickly because the base also has a proximity sensor so if you move away from the base with your bluetooth device it will stop the display to conserve the battery and it will wake up again as you move back into that close proximity.

App that allows you total control

The app to control your multi probe thermometer is easily downloaded from the app store. The base unit when switched on will automatically start looking to pair with the app via bluetooth and if all of the probes are plugged in they will instantly read the ambient temperature and all of these will show up on the same screen on the app. The pre-set temperature guidelines for your meat is accessed via the app and can be selected on any or all of the probes. You have a choice of how you like your meat cooked and a manual option to use your own temperatures. The probes are color coded and the app allows you to name each probe so it’s easy to see on the app which temperature relates to whatever you named it and you can change that name to suit whatever you’re cooking on the day. You can also set alarms to warn you when things are reaching close to the required temperature. On the tools section you have a timer section which you can set up in the background if you want a reminder to do something like checking on the water level in your smoker and it also has a section with recipes.

Ability to mix and match requirements

The reason most people invest in a multi-probe thermometer like this one is the ability to measure temperatures in a flexible way. The iGrill2 kit comes with an ambient probe which you can use to measure the temperature or your grill or smoker, it has a rounded end so can’t be used as a meat thermometer but does it’s job well when used in a grill clip. The meat probes have a thin tip which makes it easier to insert them into meat but if you wanted to you could use one of these as another ambient probe if you had 2 ovens. You have the capability to set each probe individually for any kind of meat done just the way you like it. You can buy extra probes so if you wanted to buy an extra ambient probe and just keep them for the grills or buy another meat thermometer and check out 4 different meats at the same time it’s easy to do and if you just want to use 1 probe to cook a joint in the oven in the kitchen, you can do that too.



The biggest con I suppose is the cost, spending over $100 on a piece of equipment might seem excessive. If you grill often and spend a lot of money on your meat then you have a justification in ensuring that it is cooked to perfection so nothing is wasted and if it makes grilling easier then you might feel it is worth the cost. Check out the iGrill2 vs Maverick 735 here.

2 different types of probes

There are 2 different types of probes, if you can use a meat probe to measure your ambient temperature why design an ambient probe that can’t be used for meat. Well it gives a steadier measurement because the meat probes are very sensitive to any slight change in temperature. Still 2 different types of probes to buy for extras or replacements on an already expensive piece of equipment

Connection issues

A lot of people have had problems with the bluetooth connection and the iGrill2 app, either they can’t get it to work or they aren’t getting the distance they would like, or the signal drops off,  this can just depend on the place you live and your signal.


If a multi-probe thermometer is what you need then the iGrill2 Complete Master Kit with 3 Pro Meat Probes & 1 Ambient Pro Probe can be a good choice if you don’t have any problem in your area with bluetooth connection. In that situation a wireless remote thermometer might give better results but its more difficult to find more than 2 probes. You certainly get the flexibility with the iGrill2 for mixing and matching between meat and ambient needs and might make a great gift for someone in your life who is a bbq lover.

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