iGrill2 Complete Master Kit with 3 Pro Meat Probes & 1 Ambient Pro Probe


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iGrill2 Complete Master Kit with 3 Pro Meat Probes & 1 Ambient Pro ProbeAre you a serious barbecuer? Do you want a thermometer that allows you to cook up to 3 types of meat at the same time then read on. We are going to be reviewing the iGrill2 Complete Master Kit with 3 Pro Meat Probes & 1 Ambient Pro Probe. This is a more expensive type of thermometer with Bluetooth capability. We will be looking at what this product can do, what options it gives you and what customers are saying about it, good or bad.

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Check out the iGrill2 Complete Master Kit and cater for all tastes easily.

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iGrill2 Complete Master Kit with 3 Pro Meat Probes & 1 Ambient Pro Probe Review

This iGrill 2 thermometer is a Bluetooth Smart meat thermometer that runs from an app on your phone or ipad.

What’s included:

A quick start guide

iGrill2 thermometer

Magnetic base

2 AA batteries for the iGrill 2

3 meat probes and 1 ambient probe

Let’s see what the features are:

  • Four Probe Capability (comes with 3 Meat Probes & 1 Ambient Probe) Color Coded, 48” Probe cord
  • 150 Feet Bluetooth Smart Range (Does depend on structures between unit and mobile device)
  • 200 Hour Battery Life, Illuminated LED Display, Proximity Wake-Up, Two Viewing Angles
  • Magnetic Mounting, Custom and Preset Temperature Alarms, Min / Max Temperature Range, Graphing and Exporting
  • Simultaneously Monitor Multiple iDevices Connected Products, Social Sharing, Exclusive Recipes

It is very easy to use your iGrill2 straight out of the box, just install the batteries into the unit, sit it in the magnetic base. You need to install the app on your phone or ipad and pair your base unit with your device via bluetooth. Now you are ready to start.

The base unit is a good size with easy to read digits on the LCD display, it has a nice clean surface with easy press buttons to find the temperature of each probe used. The magnetic base holder can hold the weight of the iGrill2 easily, it can also be placed into the holder with the display on a rising angle so it is easy to read or reversed so the display is angled downwards which might be easier to read depending where you have to place the iGrill2.

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This is an iGrill2 with 4 probes included, 3 are meat probes and 1 is an ambient probe. If you’re new to grilling with a thermometer and are not sure what an ambient probe is for, it is placed in the oven or grill to check the air temperature, usually it is held in a probe clip, which can be bought cheaply from Amazon.com and clipped to the grill shelf.

Each probe is colour coded, it doesn’t matter which probe you plug into each position on the iGrill2 as it can be setup in the app, and names so you know exactly what each one is for and how it is doing.

There are many pre-set temperatures set up in the app, you just have to choose what you are cooking and what doneness you want for your piece of meat, and once it is set it will send an alarm once it reaches the correct temperature. You set up the ambient probe in exactly the same way. If you know what temperature you want to cook your meat at, if you’re more experienced, then you can set the temperatures manually.

There is an approximate 150ft bluetooth range, but that is dependent on your building and your signal. Once you set up and start cooking, if you move away from your grill or oven with your phone or ipad more that 5 or 6 feet it will stop displaying on your iGrill2 as it is programmed into the app to go into energy saving mode. When you walk back towards the unit it will start displaying again.

This is the reason that the battery life is around 200 hours. Does that mean that you have to have your device with you every time you go to the grill? No! If you go to check on everything and forget to take your device with you all you have to do is press the right arrow button and it will scroll through the temperatures then it will switch off the display again immediately, due to the energy saving mode.

You aren’t limited to 1 ambient probe and 3 meat, you can buy spare iGrill2 probes and if you have 2 grills or cookers, or a grill and a smoker, you can attach 2 ambient and have a meat probe in each. You can mix and match to suit yourself. If you’re looking for the best digital thermometer for grilling then this is a great piece of kit to buy.

Customer Opinion

One customer thinks that this thermometer is idiot proof, put your meat on the grill and it will tell you when it’s done.

Customers think that the product works flawlessly and they would buy it again.

One customer has 3 WSM grills and 3 iGrills which are all run off the same app.

There are not a lot of negatives about this product but one customer didn’t think the magnetic base was up to scratch.

One customer found the probes reading different temperatures in the same place so they felt they needed to double check the temperatures with a backup thermometer.

One customer had a problem connecting to their tablet although managed to connect to their android phone with no problem.


The versatility of this thermometer is great for anyone who is serious about their barbecue, especially if you use more than one, although it can be used for temperature reading in any oven. It’s just as easy to use as a hand held folding probe thermometer, if not easier.

We would definitely recommend if you want to invest in a more expensive piece of equipment.

Buy the iGrill2 Complete Master Kit with 3 Pro Meat Probes & 1 Ambient Pro Probe at Amazon.com

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