Epica Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer For Cooking and BBQ

Epica Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer

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When looking for a cheap digital meat thermometer you could do worse than this Epica Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer For Cooking and BBQ. A lot of thermometers say that they are instant-read but what they mean is 8-10 seconds which is fast but there are quicker reads out there.

This thermometer is in that quicker group and offers 2 second reading which is pretty quick. Let me give you some more details about it. I’ll also let you know what customers are saying about it and whether they think it lives up to it’s description.

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Check out the Epica Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer if you want a probe thermometer that has sturdy cover for protection and storage.

Epica Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer Review


  • THE GOLD STANDARD IN KITCHEN THERMOMETERS: Featuring our best-performance sensor yet, and housed in a food-grade stainless steel antibacterial probe.
  • “INSTANT” 2-SECOND TEMP READING: Get a highly accurate (±1.8°) reading in less than 2 seconds, and get back to your friends and family. Because cooking doesn’t mean you have to ignore the party.
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY HELPS CLEAR READING: All it takes is a quick look: the Epica clear display helps you assess the temperature of your culinary creations quicker.
  • MODERN TECH & CLASSIC LOOK: With a temp-memory setting for multiple-dish cooking and auto shut-off to save those batteries, this thermometer sports a classic look while enjoying modern tech.
  • RIGOROUSLY ENGINEERED FOR FUNCTION: Waterproof. Shock resistant. Safe for food. Designed in New York and embraced the world over, our thermometer is set to be your toughest kitchen addition yet.

The Epica Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer is a probe thermometer which has a white plastic handle with display and a plastic cover which fits over the probe when you are storing it so you have no chance of hurting yourself by mistake. The cover can also clip on the end of the handle so that you have a longer piece to hold to keep your hands further away from the heat.

The LCD display is in the handle part with an on/off button beside it and a min/max button beside that. The display isn’t large so if you have a problem reading small numbers it might not be the one for you but it is clear to read and the display is backlit so it isn’t dark and can be used in all areas regardless of the light conditions. You have the choice of choosing whether you want the readout to be in Celsius or Fahrenheit by using a button on the back of this instant-read thermometer.

The probe is made from food grade anti-bacterial stainless steel. It’s 4.75 inches in length and what a lot of people like about it it the fact that it is a very thin probe around 1/8 inch in diameter. If you don’t like to have large holes around your meat leaking the juice out then this will help. It’s also better for when you’re checking the temperature of thin cuts of meat or burgers as you can go in from the side to the centre and it will fit easily.

The sensor in the probe allows for a quick 2 second reading which is what you want when you’re around hot food and the accuracy offered is to +/- 1.8F. If you’re looking for a tighter accuracy level than this you will have to pay more for your thermometer although most people can deal with a couple of degrees out.
You have a min/max button so it will store that information for you as you do different readings. It is made of shock proof material so if you drop it you won’t have to replace it which is quite handy when you’re messing about in the kitchen or in the garden and things get knocked off tables.

When it comes to cleaning your Epica thermometer it is advertised as waterproof and in places it is mentioned as being capable of being washed in a dishwasher. I don’t think I would want to test that but it seems to handle being cleaned quite well, most people wipe with a damp cloth or rinse the probe in running water.

Being a probe thermometer you can use it for other types of food other than meat. If you want to test your bread when baking or liquids for teas or any other thing you can use this probe thermometer to manage it.

Customer Opinion

Many buyers have found the Epica thermometer to be accurate when tested in iced and boiling water and have found it to work well consistently. They have found it to withstand some heavy handling when used on the BBQ and still clean up well and work accurately. Some people leave it in the meat for a few seconds then check the high and low to make sure everything is fine. For some people it is proving to last more than a couple of years.
The biggest issue found is inaccurate readings after a few uses. Some people have found that it stops working after the first use. People have had issues with the buttons stopping working so they can’t change from Celsius to Fahrenheit.


Epica Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer For Cooking and BBQ is a great budget thermometer offering you the fast speed of an instant-read and a clear well lit display. No matter what you’re cooking this thermometer will let you measure quickly and accurately and move onto your next job.

Find out more about the Epica Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer at Amazon.com

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