Best Digital Meat Thermometer For Turkey

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ThermoPro TP16 for turkeyWhen you have turkey it’s usually on special occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter so it’s important to get it right. This is not only from the safety aspect because of the dangers of eating undercooked poultry but because it’s usually a celebration with family and friends so you want the most succulent, well cooked centre piece to the meal that you can possibly have. It’s all well and good poking about in the middle of cooking with a sharp knife trying to tell if the juice is clear, but much easier and less stressful if you can use the best digital meat thermometer for turkey and insert a temperature probe of a leave in thermometer to be certain that the inside is cooked. A quick check of the thigh and the stuffing with an instant read thermometer will give you a 100% certainty that you are ready. We’ll give you some thermometer suggestions below.

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Leave in thermometers

ThermoPro TP16 Large LCD Digital Cooking Kitchen Food Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP16When you’re looking for an easy solution to monitor any meat or poultry that you cook then the ThermoPro TP16 is a perfect tool for the job and the one I use in my kitchen. If you haven’t used a thermometer with a leave in probe before you will wonder how you ever cooked your meat without it.

When you have your turkey prepped ready to go into the oven you insert your probe so that the tip that has the temperature sensors in it is in the thickest part of the turkey breast. Don’t go from the top down but from the back to the centre parallel to the tray. I’ll leave a video below to explain the reasoning.

You don’t need to plug in your probe till you have everything wrapped up in foil if that is how you cook it and in the oven. Make sure the probe cable with the connector is hanging out of the oven door when you close it. Plug it into the base unit of the ThermoPro TP16 which you can set up with the temperature you want before you plug in.

There are preset temperatures already installed so you can find the one for turkey and your ready to plug in the probe. This will give you up to the minute readings and will sound an alarm when it reaches the right temperature. If you know what temperature you want it to cook to and it’s different to the preset it’s easy to change with the up and down arrows.

Be careful when you remove the probe from the turkey as it will be very hot. When you take the turkey out of the oven you can check the thigh meat temperature to check that is at the right level and if you have an instant read probe you don’t have to remove your main thermometer incase it needs a little more time and if you stuff your turkey you need to check the temperature of that too.

I’ll give some suggestions of instant-read thermometers below. You can also just use the ThermoPro TP16 as a timer without the probe for any type of cooking. Read our full review here

Find out more about the ThermoPro TP16 Large LCD Digital Cooking Kitchen Food Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP07 Remote Wireless Digital Kitchen Cooking Food Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP07 ThermoPro have quite a range of thermometers and the ThermoPro TP07 is a single probe wireless thermometer that you can use for any kinds of meat and poultry and especially your celebration turkey.

The difference between the ThermoPro TP07 and the ThermoPro TP16 is that you have a transmitter unit that the probe plugs into and a receiver unit that you can take with you so you can monitor the temperature from another room. You can even clip it to your belt so you can keep a check while you work on other things. You have a range of 300 feet so you can be doing something in the garden and still be able to check it.

This ThermoPro TP07 is easy to pair up and you don’t need a computer or wifi for it to work, just put the batteries into both units and it will pair automatically. The buttons on the front are pretty easy to understand, just press meat and go through till you reach poultry and it will give you the USDA safe internal meat temperatures for every meat on there. You can also choose your own temperatures if you know them.

If you’re cooking beef you have a taste button so you can choose how well done you want it. The probe is 6.5 inches with a 40 inch cable and all ThermoPro thermometers offer a lifetime guarantee for their probes.

This receiver also includes a visual reminder, when you start cooking the screen will show blue. When the meat is within 15 degrees of the finish temperature it will change to green so that you have time to go and check it before it gets to the red which is the set temperature and above. Read our full review here.

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Lumsing Cooking Thermometer

Lumsing Cooking Thermometer The Lumsing Cooking Thermometer is a leave in thermometer with a probe. This thermometer has a little stand that allows you to put your thermometer near the oven.

The probe is slightly different in that the cable is shrouded in silicone to give a bit more protection and make it easy to clean. You can easily set this thermometer by pressing the meat button and choosing what meat you are cooking, it also has a taste button so you can choose what doneness you want when cooking beef or steak.

You can still set the temperature manually if you know what temperatures you want to use and you can set between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

You have a beep alert on this Lumsing Cooking Thermometer for when the temperature has reached where you have set it but it also has a voice option which will beep when it has a couple of degrees to go and tell you that your meat is nearly ready, then it will give you a countdown to your meat being finished. This is quite a show stopper when you’re cooking for guests. You can turn this off is you don’t like it. This is a simple to use thermometer that can make cooking your turkey a no brainer.

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Instant read Thermometers

Lavatools PT12 Javelin Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer

Lavatools PT12 JavelinYou can use an instant read thermometer like this Lavatools PT12 Javelin in conjunction with a leave in thermometer by using it to check the thigh meat temperature and the stuffing temperature but if you don’t want to use a leave-in thermometer you could just keep checking all of the temperatures with an instant read.

The benefit of these probe thermometers is that they are so easy to use. This can give you a steady reading within 3-4 seconds and gives you an accuracy of +/-0.9F.

The probe is 2.75 inches long and can be read in Fahrenheit or Celsius. It has a large display that is easy to read. This Lavatools PT12 Javelin can’t be left in your turkey though while it is cooking.

You can easily fold up the probe so that it is safe and it can be stored in the cutlery drawer or stuck to the fridge door with the magnet on the back and you have a choice of colors. Read our full review here

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CDN DTQ450X Digital ProAccurate Instant-Read Thermometer

CDN DTQ450X Digital ProAccurate Instant-Read ThermometerThe CDN DTQ450X Digital ProAccurate is another instant-read thermometer but looks similar to the old type thermometer that you leave in your meat, except this can’t be left in while cooking.

With a smaller head and display it leaves a longer probe for pushing into the meat. You get a reading in around 6-8 seconds.

This CDN DTQ450X is easy to clean and it easy to read. You can set the reading to Fahrenheit or Celsius and you also have a hold and max button so if the angle doesn’t let you see the reading easily you can press hold and it will keep that temperature till you can check it. It can also keep track of the max temperature reached.

One good thing about this CDN Probe thermometer is that it has a calibration button so if you check it and it’s not reading accurately you can put it in a glass of ice water and press the calibration button and it will reset it correctly. There is a protective pen case that you can put the thermometer in and clip it onto your pocket. Read our full review here.

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Maverick Pro-Temp Commercial Thermometer PT-100

Maverick Pro-Temp Commercial Thermometer PT-100The Maverick Pro-Temp Commercial Thermometer PT-100 is a little more expensive than our previous 2 options but it is designed for speed and accuracy in a commercial kitchen.

This PT-100 thermometer has a 5 inch probe which folds away when not in use and can give a reading within 3 seconds to an accuracy of +/-1C. The LED display is backlit so you should have no problem reading it.

It’s made to a waterproof rating of IP44 which means it is splash proof but you can’t go putting it in the dishwasher. The Maverick PT-100 is also sturdily built with rubber protection on the edges so that it can withstand being dropped in a professional kitchen.

There is also a meat temperature guide on the outside casing if you need a guideline. This is built to the standard for professional use and the cost reflects that but it should last you a long time. Read our full review here.

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Probe placement for the perfect turkey

You want to place your leave in thermometer probe into the thickest part of the breast at the lowest point without touching the bone. The chef in this video can explain the thermal centre of the turkey much better than me.


Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your turkey is going to be well cooked and enjoyed by all with the help of a thermometer or 2. You’re not limited to just using these digital thermometers just for your turkey, you’re going to have a useful kitchen tool for anything that needs a temperature reading and in the case of the leave in thermometers a useful timer too.

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