Best Digital Meat Thermometer for BBQ

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Best Digital Meat Thermometer for BBQIf you love cooking on the BBQ in the summertime or any time the weather allows you need the Best Digital Meat Thermometer for BBQ as you can’t afford to take chances on the food that you cook.

To cook on a grill you need to have similar conditions that you would in an ordinary kitchen oven, controlled temperatures inside the grill and knowledge of the temperatures inside the meat so that you can have consistent results every time.

Some grills come with their own built in thermometers and they usually measure the temperature at the top of the dome lid where they are situated and not close enough to the meat that’s cooking to be fully accurate.

To get the an accurate read of the ambient temperature within the grill you need to have a thermometer that can be read inside the grill and be placed near to the meat your cooking preferably one that you can monitor the temperature from outside without having to keep opening the lid of your grill. The easiest way to do this is to use a digital meat thermometer that can give you an accurate reading continuously from outside the grill and which has a probe which can stay inside the grill like the iGrill2.

Measuring the internal temperature of the meat that you’re cooking requires a probe to be placed inside the meat to measure it or it can be done with an infrared temperature gun. There are multi probe thermometers that would allow you to measure internal temperatures of different meats at the same time and with 2 probes you can also measure an internal and ambient temperature which can be very useful when using your BBQ.

Single or multi-probe thermometers are leave-in types which work by the probe being connected to a base unit which is either controlled via the base unit, by a wireless receiver or by bluetooth using an app on your smartphone. This means you can have a continuous temperature readout either at the grill or via the receiver which you can keep in your pocket to give you more freedom to do other things while cooking.

If you can’t run to a multi-probe thermometer there are instant-read single probe thermometers which are available that aren’t too expensive which are very useful for a quick read of the internal temperature of your meat although they can’t be left inside the grill.

Best Digital Meat Thermometer for BBQ

This is our choice of the best thermometers for bluetooth, wireless and instant-read to give you a starting point for the type of thermometer you want to buy.

Top Choice – iGrill2 Complete Master Kit with 3 Pro Meat Probes & 1 Ambient Pro Probe

When you’re looking for a multi-probe thermometer the Igrill2 is a good choice to make. It comes with 3 meat probes and 1 ambient probe so you can check your meat’s internal temperature as well as the ambient temperature of the grill. You can buy extra probes and they are interchangeable so you could use 2 grills and keep track of the ambient of both and the food cooking in each.

The iGrill 2 is a bluetooth controlled thermometer and it is setup using an app on your smartphone. The probes are attached to a transmitter unit which is kept near the grill and you can choose the temperature you are tracking via the app which will give you an alert when it is reached as long as you are within the range of 150ft.

The great thing about these types of thermometers is the fact you don’t have to be stationed over the grill when cooking, you can be doing other things and carry your phone which is the receiver around with you to monitor it from afar. The probes are very accurate in measuring temperatures and there are presets on the app so you can cook your meat the way you like it if you don’t know what temperature you should be aiming for.

2. ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Remote Digital Cooking Food Meat Thermometer with Dual Probe

thermopro tp20If you have a problem with bluetooth in your area or just don’t like to use it you might be interested in the wireless thermometer ThermoPro TP20.

This is wireless controlled so you get a transmitter unit and a receiver unit which work 300ft away from each other. There are 2 probes on this thermometer so that you can use one to check the ambient temperature and the other for meat or just use both of them to check 2 different types of meat.

The units are very easy to sync together, they do it automatically when the batteries are inserted. The probes are placed into the meat and attached to the receiver which can be placed near the grill and the receiver unit has the controls so you can use the preset options or set your own temperatures.

The TP20 receiver can be clipped to your belt or stood up next to you if you want to do other things while the meat is cooking and it will alert you when the correct temperature has been reached. You also have the option to use the thermometer as a timer as well. The probes are accurate up to +/- 1C and have a lifetime guarantee so if they stop working you get in touch with ThermoPro and they will replace them.

3. Lavatools PT12 Javelin Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer

The Lavatools PT12 Javelin isn’t a leave-in type of thermometer, this is used when you want to do an instant check of your meat as it will give you a readout within 3-4 seconds so you don’t have to leave your grill open for too long while you are checking.

This has a foldable probe so you can keep it near the grill safely and just open it to use. It has a large readout which can be shown in either Centigrade or Fahrenheit whichever you prefer. The heat sensor is in the tip of the probe which is 2.75 inches long and is accurate to within +/- 1F.

If you prefer a longer probe you could check out the Javelin Pro which is 4.5 inches. You don’t get a meat cooking temperature suggestions with this thermometer so if you need to know safe temperatures to use you can use this¬†meat temperature guide.

You can’t leave this thermometer in the heat of an oven otherwise the casing would melt but it is a useful tool to have in your kitchen for anything that you make that might need the temperature taken as it works in liquids as well as solid food. Keep one of these around even if you have a leave-in thermometer especially if you don’t have enough probes to check different types of meat you have cooking.


Don’t ruin any of your food while cooking on your BBQ this year, choose the Best Digital Meat Thermometer for BBQ so you can get consistent results no matter how people like their meat cooked and get no wastage. Use a thermometer so that you can always make sure your meat is cooked to a minimum temperature and causes no stomach issues. For the most flexibility with your grill check out our top choice the iGrill2 multi-probe thermometer. All of these thermometers and many more are available at

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